Because every token is a page in a never-ending story of innovation, resilience, and community. Crafted on the lightning-fast and eco-friendly Solana blockchain, our memecoin is not just about transactions; it's about making a statement. It's about owning a piece of a movement that values every individual's unique contribution to the tapestry of humanity. Whether you're an investor, a supporter, or just in it for the lulz, "Book of Autism" invites you to be part of something unique. Join us on this journey as we navigate the uncharted territories of the crypto world, armed with memes, dreams, and the undying spirit of our community.Because in the "Book of Autism," every coin tells a story, and every holder is a hero in their own right. Let's make history together – one meme at a time.



why "Book of Autism"?


  • Token name: Book Of Autism

  • Ticker name: $BOTISM

  • Smart Contract:

  • Total Supply: 1 million

  • Chain: SOL (SOLANA)

  • 0% Tax - Minting Revoked - LP BURNT

  • Launch Method: Pure stealthy launch

Book of Autism $BOTISM © 2024 | All rights reserved

CA: GjN9LWc3x7p8jufLad3jJh6eErxjmre32Hej2tpHkPoo

Welcome to the "Book of Autism" – the newest sensation in the memecoin universe where the extraordinary minds meet under the vast, decentralized skies of Solana. In a world that celebrates diversity, intellect, and the sheer joy of creativity, our memecoin stands as a testament to the brilliant, unconventional, and often misunderstood genius of the autism spectrum. Dive into a realm where your investments do more than grow – they resonate with the spirit of inclusivity and empowerment. Whether you're here for the memes, the message, or the potential moonshot, you're part of a community that looks beyond the conventional to embrace and celebrate the extraordinary.